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Farm Fresh Foods from Country Gardens Farm

To place an order,  Click here to see this week's availability and Order Form

Grass-fed Beef                   Check the weekly availability order form to see which cuts are available each week.                   


Beef cube steak   

Beef Patties 

Beef Chuck Roast 

Beef round steak   

Beef Sirloin tip roast   

Beef stew beef  

Beef liver, heart, tongue   

Filet Mignon (tenderloin)    

Ribeye Steak   

New York Strip Steak    

Pastured Pork      No Pork is available at this time

Free-Range Eggs

Eggs -  $6.00/dozen .

Duck Eggs - $8.00/dozen

Limited supply please order ahead

Raw Milk

Raw Milk for Pet Consumption - $7.00/gallon and $4.00/half-gallon

Please sign up for milk and eggs when you pickup or e-mail orders ahead

Seasonal Produce - Certified Natural Grown

CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

CSA is a subscription-based program where, for a seasonal fee, one receives a bag of farm-fresh food each week during the season.


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